Total Restoration Service
Mirror Resilvering
Furniture Stripping
We use a three part stripping system. The first step involves lifting
the old finish from the surface. The second step deep cleans the
wood, and the final step is to neutralize the wood and clean the
surface. Our stripping is done by hand. The variety of stripping
products that we use are strong enough to clean out grooves and
carvings, yet gentle enough to use on most wood surfaces. We work
on solid wood, as well as delicate veneer furniture.

Furniture Refinishing
Once your furniture has been stripped, repaired and sanded it is
ready to be finished. We begin by applying a base color using an oil
based stain. We then cover the entire piece of furniture with a
sealing lacquer. This helps to prevent damage to the wood in the
future from fluctuations in temperature and humidity. It also helps
to seal in odors caused from smoke or mildew damage. The furniture
is once again sanded to achieve a silky smooth surface. Tint coats
are now added to enhance the wood and blend the surface color. We
finish with multiple topcoats to seal the surface. Although we do
work with a variety of finishes, our standard finish is a premium
quality high solids lacquer. Our finishes have excellent clarity to
bring out the natural beauty of the wood, as well as being
extremely durable. It is water and alcohol resistant and very easy
to maintain.

Furniture Upholstery
We offer upholstery services for the furniture that we are
refinishing the wood frames . There are fabric samples in our shop to
choose from, or we will work with fabric that you provide yourself.
We offer old time upholstery restoration of your spring supported
straw stuffed seats, or more modern techniques using foam and
fiberfill seating as well. We are experienced in deep button tufting,
and channel backs.

Mirror Resilvering
We offer Resilvering Services for mirrors. The process involves
removing the old silver from the glass, then polishing the glass and
applying a new layer of silver. To give you an estimate for mirror
resilvering services we will need the dimensions of your mirror at the
longest point in each direction.
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